Outreach Clinic September 26,27 2014 - Hillah thanks you for your support

posted Oct 28, 2014, 1:13 PM by Bruce Kundert   [ updated Oct 21, 2015, 12:35 PM by Hillah Shriners ]
Nobles and Lady's,
A very special "Thank You" for all those that helped with our last Outreach Clinic of the Portland Shrine Hospital for Hillah Shrine Center at the Medford Clinic the 26th and 27th of September, 2014. This makes 889 Children that we have helped through the Medford Outreach for the past three years. The Portland Staff, Ill Jack Adams and myself can't thank everyone enough for all the help all our Nobles and Lady's of Baharari #104, Nile and Eastern Star have given us through these past several years. Following is a list that I was able to obtain from those that took a day off from their weekend to give us a hand.
Michael Mehl - Medford EHCtr
Robbie Cook
IL Sir Bruce A. Kundert, Potentate
IL Sir Jack Adams, PP 2008
IL Sir Irv Urie, PP 2009
IL Sir Larry Youmans, PP 1989
Nobel Rynd S. Miller, Jr., Assist Rabban
Nobel Donald Wetzel, HP&P
Nobel Roy Robinson
Nobel Edwin Russell
Nobel Jim Pringle
Nobel Ray Spickler
Bro. Dario M. Vidal
Lady Marilyn Pringle, HP Bahari #104
Lady Sandy Shaffer, PHP Bahari #104
Lady Mardean Tomlinson, PHP Bahari #104
Lady Jo Lawrence, PHP Bahari #104
Lady Marge Hatmaker, PHP Bahari #104
Lady Arline Loberg, Bahari #104
Lady Diane Orler (SP), PHP Bahari #104
Lady Joan Carlson, Bahari #104
Lady Glenda Westerfield, Bahari #104
Again, thanks so much for everyone's help the 27th of Sept. 2014, for it was a very busy weekend and a great group of 96 kids. We had many smiles and lots of hugs this weekend and isn't that's what it is all about.
For the Record, the Hippa Laws were read and signed by all members of volunteers and turned into Ms Pamela Warren or her representative from the Portland Shrine Hospital.
Yours in the faith,
IS Irv Urie, PP 2009
Medford Shrine Outreach Co-Chair w/IS Jack Adams