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Potentate's Message - August 2014

posted Jul 11, 2014, 12:38 PM by Bruce Kundert   [ updated Jul 11, 2014, 12:54 PM ]

From the Potentate


As the heat of the summer sets in on the Pacific Northwest the local parades and summer activities are in full swing.  Coming soon is the 62nd East West Shrine Game held in Baker City Oregon.  I hope that many will be attending.  If you haven’t made your reservation you may still call the Sunridge Inn in Baker City and see if there are any rooms still available.

Some of our Nobles will also be attending the Pacific Northwest Shrine Association Summer Session in Boise Idaho a couple of days after the E/W Game.  It appears that the month of August is going to be a very busy month indeed.   

I have just returned from the 140th Imperial Session held in Minneapolis and will be reporting on the activities there at our next Stated Meeting.  Also in attendance at this event was Noble Chief Rabban Walt Hager our second Imperial Representative and Noble Assistant Rabban Rynd Miller.  Illustrious Sir Irv Urie and Illustrious Sir Steve Pomerleau our representatives to the Colorado Corporation were in attendance as well. 

There were a number of items in the Call and these will be reported on at our next Stated Meeting as well, along with the election results for the Iowa and Colorado Corporations. 

Our next Stated Meeting will be held on July 18th as the travel to and from the Imperial Session was in conflict with our regularly scheduled Stated Meeting date.  The dinner at this Stated Meeting will be a Pot Luck Dinner with a patriotic theme.  Look for the Stated Meeting Flyer on our Website and previously sent out in by e-mail.  The entre will be provided (Fried Chicken) and the side dishes and desserts will be provided by the Nobles and Ladies.  Bring a dish or dessert and get in free or pay $10.oo at the door for those who did not bring one.   A great time was had by all at the last dinner so don’t miss out.

At the end of August Lady Laura and I will be joining Noble Oriental Guide Lance Lesueur and Lady Bernice on the Potentates Train Trip.  I am looking forward to our time together and the many sites and activities along this three day three state journey.  I hope that all Nobles and Ladies enjoy their days of summer attending activities in your local community.  Remember there will be no social or stated meetings in August and September.  As always;  Es selamu aleikum


Bruce Kundert

Potentate – Hillah Shriners

East West Shrine Football Game - Baker City, Oregon

posted Jun 20, 2014, 4:22 PM by Bruce Kundert   [ updated Jul 15, 2014, 12:19 PM by Hillah Shriners ]

Hillah is a co-sponsor of the East West Shrine Football Game held annually in Baker city, Oregon.  Join in the fun and help support this important fundraiser for the Portland Shrine Hospital for Children.  Click on the file below for the Registration Form, Hotel booking information and reserved seat tickets. 
 2014 Program Message:

On behalf of all the Shriners and Ladies of Hillah Shrine we want to offer our congratulation to the players and cheerleaders who have been selected to participate in this the 62st Annual East West All Star Football Game and extend our warmest welcome to all.  We would be remiss if we didn’t also recognize the coaches, referees and everyone who had a part in bringing you this event. 


Possibly the most important people whom we want to extend our appreciation to are the parents.  It is through your parental guidance and leadership that the players and cheerleaders were taught the qualities and traits required to be selected as participants in this game.


To all those mentioned, thank you for your time, talent and energy in support of the world’s greatest philanthropy; Shriners Hospitals for Children. 


We hope everyone who has traveled near and far enjoy the festivities of the weekend. To those participating in the game, have fun and remember that it is the children who are the ultimate winner.  We’re sure the week’s experiences will be ones you will remember for a lifetime.  We wish you success in all of your future endeavors. 


There are possibly many of you who were unfamiliar with the Shrine and Shriners Hospitals for Children prior to this experience.  We invite you to research our fraternity and philanthropy.  For more information, go to or and consider joining us in our mission of having fun for a good cause.  Shriners are looking for good men.


Illustrious Sir Bob Mallory and Lady Elaine

       Past Potentate Hillah Shrine, 2013


Special thanks to IS Mallory for the above message.  I totally concur.   

Illustrious Sir Bruce A. Kundert and Lady Laura

      Potentate Hillah Shriners, 2014




Josephine County Shrine Club

posted Jun 12, 2014, 9:11 AM by Hillah Shriners   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 7:40 PM by Bruce Kundert ]

The club has started out with a full schedule on their plate.  We have completed the POTENTATE'S OFFICIAL VISIT – PEAR BLOSSOM ---EAST WEST FOOTBALL DINNER players elected to play in the SHRINE GAME in August. Then there was BOATNIK and the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHRINE CLUB had the honor to host the clowns from BEN ALI SHRINE CENTER.  ILL SIR JEFF DAVIDSON, POTENTATE BEN ALI, was traveling with them

On 14 May the club HONORED players JOSE DERAS (PHOENIX) TRAVIS NOBLE (HIDDEN VALLEY) SETH KNOX (CASCADE CHRISTIAN) ANTHONY BONSI (ST MARY'S) TJ ALVAREZ (CASCADE CHRISTIAN) alternatives DAVID SELLERT and TRACE WALKER (CASCADE CHRISTIAN) . Included were their families and guest. The coaches from the selected schools and families were also present. The players and coaches were from both JOSEPHINE/JACKSON counties.


Let not forget--- the letters were delivered by NOBLES ROBERT HAMILTON AND CHUCK TRESSLER.

I wish to thank ILL SIR BRUCE KUNDERT, POTENTATE AND NOBLE RYND MILLER, ASSISTANT RABBAN, who made the presentations to the players.  Noble LANCE LESUEUR ORIENTAL GUIDE made the journey from KLAMATH FALLS to be at the awards dinner.

The members of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHRINE CLUB need to take a BOW --for the last three years they had bitten the bullet and included the football players and cheerleaders from both JOSEPHINE/JACKSON counties. If you desire to make a TAX FREE donation in the name of a player please make the check payable to the EAST WEST SHRINE FOOTBALL GAME BAKER CITY and send to P.O. BOX 631 GRANTS PASS OREGON 97528

JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHRINE CLUB meets at the ELKS LODGE, GRANTS PASS, on TUESDAYS for lunch unless the club decides to travel to other places. The FIRST TUESDAY of the month is the club's regular scheduled BUSINESS MEETING and we invite all BROTHERS/NOBLES to join us in all the meetings to share in the fellowship. We meet several times during the months when all the LADIES attend.



Potentate's Trip

posted Jun 2, 2014, 11:52 AM by Hillah Shriners   [ updated Jun 2, 2014, 11:55 AM ]


Amtrak Coast Starlight

Three States - Pacific Northwest


 August 29, 2014 - September 1, 2014 


 The Coast Starlight is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular of all train routes.  The Coast Starlight links the greatest cities of the West Coast, en route daily between Seattle and Los Angeles
 with Hillah's trip beginning at the Klamath Falls Station.

Trip information:

Group Name – Shriners

Includes – Train –Lodging – Transfers

– 4 Meals

Cost per Couple (if group rate applies)

- $1850.98 ($925.49 per person)

Reservation No: A2B1BD

For reservations and tour

information contact:

Barbara Shaw – Jackson Travel

Agency Ensemble Group

(541) 779-5525

Important Fundraising Information

posted Jun 6, 2013, 12:01 AM by Robert Bigelow   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 4:20 PM by Bruce Kundert ]

Following is information from Shriners International General Order # 1.

 “It is natural to associate the fez with Shriners Hospitals for Children. Because of this meticulous attention must be given to all fundraising activities, including circuses, to make certain that such activities comply with the law of the land and that a contributor is not lead to believe that his money will be used for the Hospitals when all or a portion thereof will be used otherwise.  The integrity of our charity and of our fraternity must remain above reproach.” 


Before your club or unit plans or participates in a fundraiser, be it fraternal or charitable contact the Recorders Office for specific information. 

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