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Hillah Shriners Fall Ceremonial - Brookings Oregon October 24-25, 2014

posted Aug 27, 2014, 11:52 AM by Hillah Shriners   [ updated Sep 7, 2014, 1:00 PM by Bruce Kundert ]

                        Brookings, Oregon                                                                                                                   The Azaleas of Brookings


      Hillah Shriners     

Fall Ceremonial Brookings, Oregon

                                                        October 24-25, 2014


Come on down to Brookings Oregon on the Oregon Coast and welcome our new Hillah Shriners Nobles and Ladies!


Friday Oct 24, 2014 - Activities


Hillah Oasis Bar

Grill-N-Feed presented by the Hillah Wrecking Crew

Necrology Ceremony in memory of our departed Nobles



Saturday 25, 2014 - Activities


First Section at the Sydney Croft Lodge #206

Nobles and Ladies Lunches

Second Section at the School next to the Lodge

New Nobles Orientation/Indoctrination at Sydney Croft Lodge

Hillah Oasis Bar

Nobles and Ladies Banquet Dinner

Fezzing of New Nobles

First Ladies Project Auction of (2) Craft items

Closing of Ceremony - Dancing and Social Time    




           Brookings Harbor                                                  Aerial View of Harbor                                              The Oregon Coast

Click the link on the right hand side of page for Registration form and the Itinerary for the upcoming Fall Ceremonial.  Click the link below to download the Registration Form. 

Stated Meeting - Casino Night

posted Aug 27, 2014, 11:51 AM by Hillah Shriners   [ updated Aug 28, 2014, 2:23 PM by Bruce Kundert ]

                                          STATED MEETING


                                                      Casino Night

Hillah Shrine Center – 3581 Lear Way, Medford, OR.

(Medford Scottish Rite Center)



This is going to be a fun event everyone should enjoy.  Open to all Masons and their guests.   Not only will we have Casino Game Tables set up like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps, we will also have Bingo and other games to play.

House Rules will apply.  Make plans for attending and having a fun evening as well as supporting your Shrine Center.


No dinner will be provided at this event but, a table of light snack foods will be available as well as the Hillah Oasis Bar.


Casino activities will begin at 3:30 PM and continue until the start of the

Stated Meeting at 7:00PM for the Nobles.


Casino activities will continue for the Ladies during our Stated Meeting.

The gaming tables will close at the end of the Stated Meeting.


Participation is for fun purposes only.

Player Participation Packages are available at the door for a donation of $20.00

Package includes $15,000 in Casino money.


A silent auction will conclude the evening, with numerous items displayed for bidding with your winnings.


Proceeds are for the benefit of Hillah Shriners and are NOT Tax Deductible.

For the Flyer, click the file below:

PNSA - 2014 Summer Convention – Boise, Idaho

posted Aug 18, 2014, 12:13 PM by Bruce Kundert

The 2014 Summer Convention for the Pacific Northwest Shrine Association was hosted by El Korah Shriners this year in Boise Idaho.  Many of the El Korah Divan and Units were in attendance at the East/West Shrine All Star Game in Baker City and attended the Parade in downtown Baker City the previous weekend. 

Since the start of the PNSA event was only a few days after the Baker City Game a number of the Divan spent a few days visiting friends and family that were in the area or sight-seeing in the Northeastern part of Oregon.

Noble High Priest and Prophet Don Wetzel and I visited the little town of Joseph Oregon and saw some of the many bronze statues that line the streets of that small community.  Joseph is the home of a large Bronze factory where those statues are made.  Joseph is a very picturesque town with an old historical heritage. 

Arriving in Boise a couple of days early, Noble Don and I visited the Mountain Home Air Force Base (Noble Don is a retired Air Force Major) and spent some time at the base BX.  A number of 15 fighter aircraft were doing touch-n-goes at the base so we got our fill of the jet fumes and adrenaline rush of hearing those jets do their fly-bys. 

We also attended the Birds of Prey Museum where a number of birds of prey are housed, treated and if possible released back into the wild.  This facility was and is the premier facility for the re-population of the endangered California Condors.  At one time there were only 22 California Condors due to lead poisoning caused by the lead bullets used by hunters.  The re-population is very successful and many of these beautiful birds are once again flying free in the wild.  Their wingspan can reach 9 ½ feet across and they can soar in the thermal for hours without flapping their wings. 

A number of other tours were offered by El Korah Shriners during the days of the PNSA event.  Another very interesting tour on Thursday was the Warhawk Museum which had WWI & WWII fighter aircraft and paraphernalia of these World Wars on display.  A number of the Nobles can relate to these fighter planes as they were veterans of WWII and served in many of the flight crews of these fighter and bomber units during the war.

For those not interested in the aircraft there was a wine tour offered by El Korah showcasing some fine wines of the Snake River Valley area.

Wednesday night El Korah Temple hosted a beer and wine tasting at their Temple for those who missed the previous wine tour.  I think we had a number of “double dippers” who attended both wine tastings. 

Thursday was the beginning of the Units competition and first up was the Clown competition.  I have to admire the Nobles who take the time to dress in grease paint, put on the floppy shoes and silly clothes in an attempt to bring a smile to a little child.  They are truly loving and caring Nobles who’s only purpose is to bring happiness to the children who need a smile or two.   I tip my big floppy hat to you Nobles! 

Thursday night was our PNSA Counterparts Dinners at various locations.  The 2014 Potentates Class held our final Dinner at a local Country Club.

Imperial Potentate Imperial Sir Dale Stauss has been our counterpart during our Divan years and we toasted him and Lady Cheryl for his Term as Imperial Potentate for 2014-2015.  The 2014 Class of Potentates donated $500.00 to Lady Cheryl’s Project.

Friday morning the unit competitions started again with motorized units and the Oriental Bands.  Hillah didn’t have any Units in these competitions but we got to watch and rout for our favorites during the competition. 

The Nobles Lunch was held on the lawn at the Riverside Hotel courtyard.

A no-host Dinner was held at El Korahs Temple followed by an Aloha Beach party. 

Saturday was parade day in downtown Boise and a large number of units from the PNSA Temples of Alaska, British Columbia, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana files down the streets of downtown Boise.  Imperial Potentate Dale Stauss and the PNSA Potentates walked the parade route as we did in Baker City the week before.  Walking makes interaction with the crowd much easier and many times we could shake hands and talk to the children on a more personal level than riding in a car. 

Hillah Shriners was honorable represented by Illustrious Sir Bob Mallory and his fully motorized Beverage Cooler!  I am amazed by the “mileage” IS Bob gets out of that contraption.  It seems like it will run forever!

After the Parade we were transported to the park for a BBQ Lunch and some additional socializing with the Nobles and Ladies of PNSA. 

The finishing events Saturday night was the Presidents Awards Luau Dinner.

The Officers of the PNSA were elected for the ensuing year and we were treated with some traditional Hawaiian Dancers and an explanation of the story in those dances.  

El Korah Shriners were excellent Hosts of this PNSA Event and provided interesting and fun activities as well as a great host hotel venue.  Thanks to all the Divan Nobles and Ladies who attended and IS Bob Mallory and Lady Elaine who joined in the fun.

The 62nd East/West All Star Football Game in Baker City

posted Aug 18, 2014, 12:11 PM by Bruce Kundert

The 62nd Annual East/West All State Game is in the books!  The first weekend of August was very busy for the Hillah Divan and many Hillah Nobles and Ladies.  We joined with many Al Kader Nobles and Ladies in Baker City to enjoy the activities of the Annual East/West All Star game for the benefit of the Portland Shrine Hospital for Children.  Although the weather was a bit hot and humid and, the thunder and lightning threated many times, a great time was had by all who attended. 

Friday afternoon everyone attended the Athletes BBQ in La Grande and got to socialize with the athletes, cheerleaders and their parents as well as many Nobles and Ladies from a number of Temples attending. 

Friday and Saturday nights the Hillah Hospitality Room had many visitors and the lawn chairs were gathered around the entrance.  Many from Al Kader and El Korah Temples joined the Hillah Nobles for the great food and drinks prepared by Hillah’s very own IS Bill Wirch and Lady Nanci with the help of many Divan Ladies and Divan Nobles serving as Bartenders.  It seems the Hillah Hospitality Room was highly regarded and was packed full with food and guests both evenings.

Saturday morning was the Cattlemen’s Breakfast in the park and many of the Nobility attended.  This year we had the Imperial Potentate, Imperial Sir Dale Stauss and Lady Cheryl in attendance as well as Imperial Sir Jerry Gantt and Lady Lisa who enjoyed the camaraderie of all the Nobles from the sponsoring Temples, Al Kader, El Korah and Hillah. 

Saturday morning was parade day and Hillah was in attendance with many Units.  Special thanks to the Douglas County Shrine Club for their support in getting those units to Baker City for this event.  Hillah was well represented and put on a great show.  The Imperial Potentate likes to walk the parade route instead of riding in a car and invited the sponsoring Temple Potentates to walk along with him during the parade.  A great number of units from Al Kader and El Korah were also in attendance making this parade a big success.  Although it was hot and humid the weather held without any rain during the parade.  Our luck would not hold however and we were in for a surprise later in the afternoon. 

The game was played later in the day than in the past few years to allow more time for the parade units to pack up and everyone to get to the football field.  Also, Root Sports recorded the game to be played back later Monday evening in prime time, and in the end, saving thousands of dollars in TV coverage costs, leaving more of the proceeds to go to the Portland Hospital for Children. 

All went well during the first half of the game and each team played equally well ending the first half in a 0 to 0 tied score.  During the half time, the steer auction took place with the steer being sold and donated back a number of times.  Hillah’s Klamath Falls Shrine Club offered a generous donation of $1,000.00 during these auctions and donated the steer back to be auctioned again.  In the end the steer auction collected $19,500.00 for the Portland Shriner’s Hospital for Children this year.

We were entertained by the Cheerleaders demonstrations during the half time break and anxiously awaited the second half. 

As the athletes came out of the locker room and back onto the field, the crowd was surprised by a huge bolt of lightning striking the top of a tree close to the stadium followed by an immediate and tremendously loud clap of thunder causing everyone to head for cover.  Officials postponed the start of the second half for 30 minutes to insure the safety of everyone involved.  The policy is; there has to be 30 minutes without a lightning strike before play can begin again.  At the end of the 30 minute period, another bolt of lightning occurred and forced another delay.  Many of the Nobles from Al Kader, El Korah and Hillah had to leave to get back to the Hotel to start the BBQ for the Nobles and the Athletes after the game.  The game finally resumed after over 3 ½ hours of lightning delays and was completed before any additional rain and lightning returned to the area.  The athletes and parents were very happy that the game could be resumed and the final results were West 15 East 6.  In the end all were winners, the athletes, coaches, parents and ultimately the Children at Shriners Hospital in Portland. 

The athletes returned to the Hotel and finally had their Dinner at 10:30 PM.

The rains started coming heavier and steadier into the night but was gone by morning. 

Al Kader and Hillah Game Committee Nobles and Divans attended a Sunday Morning Review Meeting at the Baker Masonic Lodge and discussed the benefits and problems encountered this year.  A number of considerations were discussed and are in review as to how they may be approached in the future.  All in all, it was a very successful All Star Game.

Thanks to all the Nobles and Ladies who attended this event.  To all those who helped with the Hospitality Room and Parade Units participation, a very special thank you for making this event a great success.  Well done Nobles and Ladies! 

Potentates Message - September

posted Aug 18, 2014, 12:03 PM by Bruce Kundert

The month of August seemed to fly by with all the events and traveling during the first part of the month.  The end of August it was back traveling again on my Potentates Trip.  September has a number of local parades for the units and an Occasional Grand Lodge in Grants Pass that a number of Nobles will be attending.    One of the upcoming events is the Medford Valley Hospital Outreach Clinic that has been moved to September this year. Please note the schedule change for this Outreach Clinic and make your plans accordingly. 

We are finalizing the Fall Ceremonial to be held in Brooking, Oregon on October 24-25.  The Flyer and Registration Form will soon be published and made available on the Hillah Website so get your reservations in early.  We are going to have a number of candidates and the weather on the coast should be great at that time of year. 

The Hillah Ladies Luncheon was held on Saturday August 16th and a number of Hillah Ladies and their guests attended and had a great time.  Look for some photos of this event on the website and in this newsletter. 

September is a slower month so we can catch our breath and get ready for the final months of the year.  Watch the website for the latest information on upcoming events and the registration form for the Fall Ceremonial. 

Remember there isn’t any social dinner in September. 

Important Fundraising Information

posted Jun 6, 2013, 12:01 AM by Robert Bigelow   [ updated Jun 17, 2014, 4:20 PM by Bruce Kundert ]

Following is information from Shriners International General Order # 1.

 “It is natural to associate the fez with Shriners Hospitals for Children. Because of this meticulous attention must be given to all fundraising activities, including circuses, to make certain that such activities comply with the law of the land and that a contributor is not lead to believe that his money will be used for the Hospitals when all or a portion thereof will be used otherwise.  The integrity of our charity and of our fraternity must remain above reproach.” 


Before your club or unit plans or participates in a fundraiser, be it fraternal or charitable contact the Recorders Office for specific information. 

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