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Chetco County Shrine Club Donkey Baseball Game

Members of the Chetco County Shrine Club hosted a Donkey Baseball game at Brookings-Harbor High School Sunday September 7, 2014 to the delight of several hundred local spectators.  The competition was spirited between the Brookings-Harbor First Responders and the Pelican Bay State Prison staff members with the First Responders winning 8-4.  In the end all were winners with the Chetco SC providing great community outreach with a fun event that everyone enjoyed.  This was the first time most of the community has ever seen a baseball game played with donkeys and they were really interested and entertained. Noble High Priest and Prophet Don Wetzel was in attendance and did some PR with the local Newspaper reporter about Hillah’s Chetco SC’s involvement and the great work that is done by this local Shrine Club.  The Chetco SC is active in the local community and attends many of the local functions working with the Sydney Croft Masonic Lodge #206 supporting local Little League Baseball teams, participating in local parades and many other community activities.  This SC along with the Sydney Croft Masonic Lodge will be providing support and facilities for Hillahs’ Fall Ceremonial on October 24-25, this year.  Because of the great community relations this SC has generated, they received for Hillah Shriners, a donation from the Chetco County Police Officers Association of $250.00 to be used for the support of Hillah’s Outreach Clinic’s at Medford’s Rogue Valley Medical Center this year.   When the community learns of our great works they are always willing to help.  Thanks to the Chetco Shrine Club for their great community relations inspiring this very generous donation from the Chetco County Police Officers Association which will be put to good use in our Children’s Hospital Outreach Clinic efforts.

In the weeks prior to the Brooking-Harbor ballgame, other Hillah SC’s such as, Douglas County, Josephine County and Coos County have hosted Donkey Ball Games in their local community as well.  Great job SC’s!

Yours in the Faith,

Bruce Kundert - Potentate